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I was born in Espoo, Finland in 1987 where I was raised amongst snow, midnight suns, thousands of lakes and saunas until we moved to sunny Southern California in 1994.  I was born into a family of right-brained individuals, so in both Europe and America, I was enveloped by photography, music and graphic design. Growing up self-expression and creativity were emphasized and encouraged.

"The closer you get to real matter, rock air fire and wood, boy, the more spiritual life is.”

-Jack Kerouac

My musical inclinations emerged early learning to drum Phil Collins and ELO on my toy drum kit at the age of 4. I started to pursue music more seriously in High School, playing drums, guitar and piano in several bands. Over the years I grew to appreciate the lyrics and stories encompassed in a song and discovered my own voice as a songwriter.  I started to play (solo) shows around Los Angeles and quickly found fans in Grammy award winning songwriter Jeff Silbar (Wind Beneath My Wings) and Seal’s guitarist/songwriter Gus Isidore - both who helped to shape my songwriting and challenged me artistically.


In 2013 I moved to Nashville to focus purely on my songwriting. Music City has influenced me more than I could have ever imagined, and soon after arriving, I had the opportunity to write with my some amazing songwriters, such as The Dugas and 3 Ring Circus, and to play with some of my artist heroes, such as Travis Meadows, Dylan LeBlanc and Finnish artists J. Karjalainen and Lenni-Kalle Taipale.

Over the last year, I exposed my heart and mind to new adventures, opportunities and travel experiences that have unleashed a new creative awareness of my surroundings and openness to new sounds. My new record, The Sun Is Late, encompasses these new sounds. It’s deceptively simple, sonically honest and deeply personal- essentially my heart and soul on tape.  It was recorded and produced at the Village Recorder in Los Angeles by Ghian Wright (Oasis, Adele, Jessie Baylin). I am so proud of this project and cannot wait to share it in early 2016.