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San Francisco 2011

I'll get into the show details a little later but right now I'm stuck, inspired by the city on my day off. I had an amazing tourist day (4 hours) running through the holiday struck downtown of San Francisco. Had a burger at Macy's and all that, but what really hit me was that I had a few great talks with locals and visitors. Interesting thing for me as I live in LA where people are generally too important to have a conversations. Learned about documentary film making in Columbia, and debated on how long the bar I was in would have the World Champions neon sign on their wall (forever, was the consensus). After the convos at the bar I got back into all the bougie shit I could think of and got on with my day. But here I am at the airport thinking about how great of a talk I had with someone earlier. Refreshing thought. Show was great. More on that when I get some pictures up. Til then.

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