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Thank you Nashville.

From Saturday January 21 through the 28th I got to work in, and explore Nashville, Tennessee.  It was one of the most inspiring cities I have ever seen as an artist/songwriter.  Rain, tornadoes, and smokey bars are just some of the things I saw.
Landed.  In Nashville not 2 hours and I'm told to head to Robert's Western World.  Cowboy boots on the right, burgers and bar on the left.  Happy me in the middle watching a fantastic band.
Saturday night just outside Robert's on Broadway.

Sunday morning on Broadway.  The city sleeps off it's hangover.
Panoramic downtown along the Cumberland River.

The Ryman.  Built in 1891.
Ryman Auditorium windows.  Like a church of music.
Gloom.  Storms moving in.  Little did I know what the night would bring.
One of my new favorite TV shows.  I stayed up all night watching the storm from my hotel window, which is exactly what you're NOT supposed to do.

Tornadoes avoided.  Tuesday - New Faces Night at The Basement.  I was in good company.  As a musician Nashville is a scary place to play because everyone is really good.  The city runs on music so you are expected to bring your A game, everyday.
Walking through Belmont/Hillsboro
One of the best burgers I've had.  Bison burger at Burger Up.  Fried Jalapenos and White cheddar.

Exit / In.  The Wall speaks for itself.

Lunch almost daily right next to the hotel.

Wheels up. Nashville Skyline.
Nashville seems like it's an ever growing city.  With construction cranes on almost every corner I am excited to see how the skyline might change every time I go back.  Nashville days seemed never ending. Working everyday and partying every night.  The bar lights never came on and people never seemed tired in the morning.  I am so fortunate that I got to visit.  I met a lot of amazing people, ate amazing food, and heard great music almost every night.  With 3 songs done (written) and countless new ideas and inspirations I had to leave and head home for a bit.  Back to LA LA land.

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