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Participation Trophy.

On November 21, 2019 I released my fifth commercial record. Participation Trophy. was recorded at my studio "High-Stacked Home Recordings" in Portland, Oregon. The songs shine light on many of my personal battles which ultimately led me to draw back from music for the past few years. The music became a sort of therapy for me as well as a way to explain my brief absence. The songs are all written, recorded, and produced by me, and select tracks feature Doug Pettibone on guitars. I hope that you find and hear a bit of yourselves in the songs, not necessarily in the troubles, but the roads we take to move on and overcome.

The cover was designed by Tomi Lahdesmaki

November 17, 2015 - Comments Off on Alibi


NEW Single from my upcoming EP "The Sun Is Late"

written with my good friend Jessica Sharman

Recorded by Ghian Wright at The Village Recorder in Los Angeles

featuring: Doug Pettibone, Alex Wright, Edo Tancredi and Julian Jones


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I had the pleasure of writing the song "Avanto" for this video by photographer Markku Lahdesmaki about the age old Finnish tradition of going swimming in frozen lakes in the dead of winter.

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Happy New Years!

New year, New music, New sound coming your way soon!  But first I thought that I would share some of the songs I wrote in the busiest creative year I have had. Check out this jam I wrote and recorded with The Shuggahpies.  It's called "You're the Only Song that I Can't Sing." It's about those songs that you choose as "relationship songs" and how they are unlistenable and ruined for a while if the relationship fizzles out.  At least that's what it was about in my head when we were writing.  Find your own meaning in it though and enjoy.

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Ready To Lose (cover)

I recorded a cover of this beautiful song written by Ingrid Michaelson with my friend Caitlin Eadie.  Such a beautiful song.  We had a few good laughs recording and filming this.  Caitlin and I have also written some incredible songs together recently, and I am excited to head into the studio soon and share them with the world soon!